Replibit Solutions™ Overview

Replibit™ allows you as a reseller to make significant margins!

Replibit is a business continuity and near-line disaster recovery software. Replibit provides you all the software, features and management tools or hooks you need to effectively customize the RIGHT business continuity plan for your clients. Having the flexibility to build your own best of breed BC/DR packages keeps you competitive in the market, while allowing you to easily manage your business processes to maintain profitability.


  • BitFlow™ Reverse Replication
  • Virtualize Locally or Remote
    • — Your backup VM is always up to date
    • — Turn on locally or remotely in minutes
  • True Web Enabled Virtualization
    • — no need to log into local appliances
  • Hardware Agnostic
    • Your Hardware, Your Choice
  • Add Storage to Your Storage Pool Quickly: Local Disks or via iSCSI
  • Cloud Onboarding Engine™
  • Choice of Vaulting
    • — Vault to yourself
    • — Vault to one of our hosting partners
  • Vault and Appliance Included
  • Global Management and Alerting Portal
    • — All devices
    • — All locations
  • RMM/PSA Compatible
    • Tight integration with Connectwise/Labtech
    • Integration with Autotask through email connector
    • Full open API’s to allow customization

Bottom Line:

Replibit (in single lot quantities!) only costs $30/mth (month to month pricing!) and workstations only cost $1.50 per month (month to month).  There is NO cost for the Appliance Software, the Vault Software or the Global Management Portal Software!


To have one of us contact or to find out more you simply click HERE!

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