Is your sales staff performing?

Do any of the following questions ring true for you or your company?

  • Are you tired of investing ten’s of thousands of dollars in new sales people only to find out you are not getting the right results?
  • Does it take months and years before a sales person is finally somewhat productive?
  • Have you tried the “let’s hire experience” and the “let’s hire a newbie” only to find out that the results are the same?
  • Have you created a group of sales “farmers” but would love to have a hunter?
  • Do you not know what the sales efficiency is of your sales team (how much time they really spend on sales)?
  • Are your marketing programs not generating the leads, or better yet real SALES, that you are expecting?

If the answer to any of the above is YES then it might NOT be your sales people but it might be your SALE PROCESS! So here is our challenge, we can show you how, with your existing sales staff, generate more leads than you can handle!   So here is our challenge, BEFORE you contact us, watch this purely (well all but two minutes out of the 67!) educational video about how everything you know about sales and marketing is WRONG, then contact us

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