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Investing in Your Success – We are in the business of helping companies sell more by selling more effectively.  If you have an outside sales team and you find that they are not performing to your expectations it may not be your sales people but your process!  We have ways to make them talk (and better yet – make them perform).

Are you measuring the right things? – Increasing your top line sales does not have to be magic feat!  There are specific variables that we help you measure and track and show you how to increase them.  The average company that follows our proven processes will increase their top line revenue at least 36%!

GCC Sales Leadership Forum Details

Our methods are designed by one of the best sales leader and educators in the market, Gil Cargill:

  • Monthly Meetings  – One of the key components of our program is to meet with you and a group of companies (not in the same business) on a monthly basis to discuss your sales efforts and to hold each other accountable for your actions!  This accountability is key to you performing and by following the methods we lay out you will increase your top line revenue!
  • Not getting enough new leads? – Are the old methods of cold calling getting you no where rapidly?  We can show you a proven, systematic approach to increasing your sales WITHOUT having to add more staff to your existing sales team.
  • Sales Education – Our program comes complete with hundreds of hours of sales education that is easily excessible via our Sales Acceleration Portal!  This portal will provide your sales team with great education tools and videos.
  • Proven Methods – Our systematic approach and the unique measurable parameters that we have you track will allow you to KNOW the following “How did you do next month”!

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