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This is simply a recommendation for you to go look at a tool that has helped us managed more accounts than we could have thought possible and has increased our Top Of Mind awareness significantly while at the same time reducing administrative overhead.   You can read about it here but if really want to know more, go directly to Sales Elevator  and ask for Scott Zimmerman!  He can get you going in as little as one week!

So here is a summary of Sales Elevator!

Would you like to reduce the time your sales people spend doing administrative work (which by the way accounts for 34% of a typical sales representatives time)?

You can have access to a GREAT system that will augment your sales staff just like a full time administrative assistant.  It is called SALES ELEVATOR! (the best thing since sliced bread for sales!).

How much of your sales staff time is eaten up with administrative tasks?   Here is a chart showing the typical sales representatives time allocation (based upon results from over 400 companies that have done business with Gil Cargill.

So how much of your sales staff time is eaten up by entering data into your CRM tool? Unlike CRM, our closed-loop marketing service requires no new software, no training, no on-boarding, no learning curve and no push-back from salespeople.  IN fact, if you leverage Sales Elevator correctly there will be no need of CRM for your sales staff! All of your stakeholders receive these benefits:

  • 36% Average Annual Sales Growth*
  • “Predictable” Sales Results
  • Ability to Gauge Effectiveness, Effort & Activities of Each Salesperson
  • Accuracy in Reporting/Forecasting
  • Edge for Attracting/Retaining Top Talent
  • Measurable ROI on Marketing Spend
  • No Additional Sales/Marketing Personnel
  • Happy, productive Sales People
  • Increase in Qualified Sales Opportunities
  • Every Lead Nurtured to Fruition (on their behalf)
  • Reduction in Wasteful Admin & Prospecting Activities
  • Increase in Time for Selling Activities
  • Help Organizing Daily Activities
  • Complex CRM-type Technology Replaced with a Smart Phone
  • Elimination of Laptops, Computers and Software
*Aberdeen Research Group

Your sales environment has changed drastically since the mid 1990’s. “Old school” concepts like prospecting, closing and branding through print media advertising no longer work. Your own customers hardly have time for a traditional “sales visit” because they’re too busy to even stop and “catch up”!

The truth is that modern salespeople are experiencing more difficulty building trusted relationships with more people. Savvy prospects are leveraging the internet to gather information and only calling in salespeople after (they perceive) to have found solutions to negotiate best prices and terms.

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