The best vendors for you!

Looking for the right vendors?

We at Global Cloud Consulting™ are devoted to finding you the right reseller vendors!  Want to know which ones? ….These cloud vendors have to be able to meet several criteria for our channel resellers:

  • They have to be able to provide a WHITE LABEL solution – Your brand is everything!  Think about the last time you introduced a vendor only to have them shift the business to another reseller or even worse yet, take the business direct!
  • You must able to make a MINIMUM margin of 20% of their offering (even if you add little value!).  Tired of the 5% or less of margin of some cloud providers?  Let’s see you make a living on that amount of raw margin!  We at Our Cloud Channel™ have selected vendors that will allow you to make a decent living off from the cloud services!
  • They must have a way of handling channel conflict.  All of our cloud vendors have a method to protect resellers from “poaching”.
  • They must be heavily channel oriented.  Now ideally we would love to have them 100% channel focused (and many of them are), however with some there are solutions that they provided before embracing the channel that they need to continue on supporting.

To learn who which vendors are meeting these standards, simply contact us!


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