GCC is now a Certified Cargill Sales Consultant

Effective 4/1/2015 (no fooling!) Global Cloud Consulting is proud to announce that they are officially Certified Cargill Sales Consultants in the New Math of Sales Excellence®!   We have partnered with Gil Cargill Consulting Group to provide you with some of the finest sales process consulting available with PROVEN results.

Since 1978, Cargill Consulting Group has worked with over 5,000 business-to-business sales forces. We recognize that sales — in particular, sales management — is one of the least formally controlled components of most business organizations.

While there are a myriad of schools you can attend to learn how to become a marketing manager, there are none that offer a four-year diploma in sales management. That’s right, take a look around your organization.

How many of your managers have a diploma in sales management with expertise in how to recruit, hire, train, deploy, and coach their team to higher levels of proficiency? In all probability the answer to that question is few, if any.

Consequently, the sales organization traditionally underperforms all other departments within an organization, at least from the point of view of proficiency and productivity.

In the mid ’80s, I discovered that the sales process used by most business-to-business sales forces was first documented in 1873 by John Henry Patterson, the founder of NCR.

It is tragically ironic that, in today’s world, organizations that rely on their sales team (direct and/or indirect) to find, acquire and retain customers are using techniques and processes first documented in the late 1800s!

When you work with one of Cargill Consultant Group’s certified consultants, your company’s sales and marketing processes will leapfrog over your competition and directly into the 21st Century.

I invite you to explore all aspects of our website. Contact us to ask you questions.

I am confident you will find a great deal of information that will help you. We are committed to helping you improve both the volume of opportunities managed by your sales team, as well as the win rate that they enjoy.

Good luck and good selling,

The new Paradigm in the IT Community: Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing definitely changes the way we ponder about technology. Cloud is a computing model proffering web-based software, middleware and computing resources as per demand.

By organizing technology as a service, you give users the access only to the resources they require for an exacting job. This averts you from paying for idle computing resources. Cloud computing can also go further than cost savings by permitting your users to the admission of the newest software and infrastructure offerings to promote business modernization.

It is a technology that utilizes the internet and central remote servers to keep up data and applications. Cloud computing permits customers and businesses to employ applications without installation and access to their personal files at any PC with internet access. This technology allows for much more competent computing by unifying the storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

A straightforward exemplar of cloud computing is Yahoo email, Gmail, or Hotmail etc. You don’t need software or a server to exercise them. All a punter would need is just an internet connection and you can begin transferring emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud internet and is completely directed by the cloud service provider Yahoo, Google etc. The user gets to utilize the software by them and take pleasure from the benefits. The parallel is, ‘If you require milk, would you purchase a cow?’ All the users or consumers need, is to get the benefits of using the software or hardware of the computer like sending emails etc. Similarly, just to get this advantage why should a consumer buy software or hardware?

Cloud computing is sectored into three sections, application, storage and connectivity. Each segment dishes up a diverse purpose and proffers different products for businesses and individuals across the globe. Vital statistics have revealed that 91% of senior IT professionals actually are not acquainted with what cloud computing is and two-thirds of senior finance professionals are apparent by the concept, highlighting the young nature of the technology. A recent study found that regimented companies achieved on average a 69% increase in their IT expenditure because cloud computing and only a 10% drop in data center power costs.

With the altering global economy, cloud computing & the benefits of cloud computing have become a palpable technology choice of the enterprises. Besides being seen as Green Computing inventiveness, cloud computing decreases infrastructure expenses by moving from CAPEX to OPEX.

A cloud can be a trouble-free, cost effectual method that tenders a supple platform to mature at the right time. It takes the weight of administering the scale of intensification of IT infrastructure off from an ISV. It also takes care of the upgrades and safety.

The companies providing Cloud Computing Services comprehends this transmutation very well and thus recognizes its center of fineness in Cloud computing. It frequently endeavors to construct sturdy cloud applications that facilitate customers to impel competence and react to the market dynamics. It facilitates its customers to voyage from their existing applications to cloud with simplicity and shrink intricacy hugely. Cloud Computing Solutions are proffered by such companies with utmost perfection. Whether your business is ready to incorporate Cloud Computing SaaS Solutions, into operations, put together your own SaaS platform to convey applications or design new-fangled bespoke web services, these companies proffer technology components and proficiency to meet the client’s needs.The cloud computing providers put forth their best solutions so that their clientele are totally contended.
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