For IT Resellers

We at GCC have had the real world, practical experience you are looking for!

Are you having a hard time deciding if what you are doing is worth the effort? How would you like to know if you are doing the right actions day to day?

Can you answer any of these questions with a “yes”?

  • Are you working more and enjoying it less?
  • Do you spend more time with servers than people?
  • Are you bringing less than 20 points of margin to the bottom line each month?
  • If you did not sell anything for a period of time, how soon before you would go out of business?
  • Do you how you did next month? (no – that’s not a typo!)

Most IT resellers started out as technicians (and if you use the phrase technician in the general sense we ALL started out that way – make sure to read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber) and it’s not in our nature to run the business like a real business!

We can help you (in addition to our sales coaching):

  • Managed Service review and analysis – want to know you have the right mix for today’s clients?  We can help you here as in our previous lives we have produced managed services with 60 points of margin!
  • SWOT Analysis – We can help you perform a strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis not only to get your staff to open up but we can verify it compared to the hundred of other resellers in the market.
  • Operational efficiency – Do you want know if you are as efficient as you can be?  Are you using the right tools?  We have experience with many of the tools that are available to IT providers and help position them correctly for you.

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